Jan, 16

New Year New Tees

We decided we wanted to start this year showing all of you how much we still deeply care about our brand. Releasing towards the end of this month, this capsule/collection is going to include products that have been hand crafted by us, for you. More will be revealed closer towards the release date (TBA), but I think the picture above should give everyone a pretty clear idea of what I’m talking about.


Dec, 15

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Recap

To everyone who bought from our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, thank you. You battled amongst many dealing with database connection issues, cart jackings, and if you were on the East Coast (sorry) waiting up until 3am just to order. Still blown away by the support.

We have been shipping orders out at record speeds and hopefully you have noticed.. for some of you waiting a month for your order is now a thing of the past. We have figured out a way to streamline production. (FINALLY) And in the meantime we are getting everything ready for our Winter Collection which is coming very soon. (So start saving up them paychecks ;-) )

Also If you wanna have cool City Approval wallpapers on your iPhone 5,6, or 6 plus but don’t know where to get one well you’re in luck! I have put up a couple for download below as a small thank you for the support once again.


Cherry-Blossom-Wallpaper-iPhone5 City-Approval-Wallpaper-iPhone5 Fiend-Face-Wallpaper-iPhone5 Hounds-Wallpaper-iPhone5



Hounds-Wallpaper-iPhone6 City-Approval-Wallpaper-iPhone6 Fiend-Face-Wallpaper-iPhone6 Cherry-Blossom-Wallpaper-iPhone6



Cherry-Blossom-Wallpaper-iPhone6-plus City-Approval-Wallpaper-iPhone6-plus Fiend-Face-Wallpaper-iPhone6-plus Hounds-Wallpaper-iPhone6-plus


- cody 新選組


Nov, 15

horn sounds

I’m thankful for the great opportunity I have been given here and it is all thanks to everyone’s support throughout the years. I wouldn’t be here without you. We had our annual Fakesgiving that some of you may be familiar with, though I don’t have the pictures to prove it (sorrry). What I do have, however, is all the information you need to know for our Black Friday sale.


First things first- it’s back. Only 100 in quantity, it will only be available this weekend, and it is excluded from the sale. Though if you have been trying to find a way to get yourself a Hanzō tee, this may be your only chance. I guess you could call this a Flash Black Friday. (hehe)

Now other than the Hanzō revival, we are also going to be completely restocking certain items for Black Friday, and even bring a new piece into the mix. All the items I post today are going to be restocked, the other items (i.e Jisei) will not be available.

Starting with the new arrival, our “Hounds of Hell” windbreakers will be available and included in our Black Friday sale.


From Midnight 11/27 to 2AM all returning items are going to be 40% off.

From 2AM to 6AM the sale will drop to 30% off.

And then finally from 6AM to 11:59PM all returning products are going to remain at 20% off (Excluding Hanzō).


If I were you I would definitely stay close to make sure I get the 40%.


But hey, that’s just me.


I hope all of you have a fantastic Thanksgiving spent with all of your family and loved ones. I feel a little ridiculous typing this because I’m wear a super ugly boujie ass Christmas sweater while I do it.


Oct, 15


The Noppera-bō (のっぺら坊) is a faceless yokai popular in Japanese folklore. Not to be confused with a mujina, for the Noppera-bō are typically only human. Their primary goal is simply to frighten living humans, which they do so by tricking them with a normal interaction, only to suddenly wipe off all their facial features, leaving nothing but a blank orb facing them. One of the most commonly told tales is of the Noppera-bō and the Koi pond.

“It was a bright and sunny day when a fisherman prepared to leave to a new pond he had yet to fish at. As he walked towards the door he yelled to his wife on where he was planning on going. Shocked at the location, she begins to warn him, “You really shouldn’t fish there, my love. That pond is haunted, and it’s right by a cemetery.” However, the level-headed fisherman simply laughed playfully at her plea, and blew her a kiss before closing the door behind him. Continuing on his journey, he is stopped by a group of nearby villagers, warning him to not go any further along the path towards the foreboding pond. Though, their words once again go unheard, and with a friendly wave goodbye the fisherman moves forward. He finally reaches the pond and begins to fish.

As the day begins transitioning towards the afternoon, the fisherman notices a couple headstones within the distance. He then feels a tap on his shoulder. When he turns around he sees a beautiful woman, dressed in white. She stares into his eyes and begins to beg to the fisherman, “please sir, do not fish at my pond.” Confused by her words, he tries to explain that he is causing no harm. Unfortunately, before he can finish his sentence, the lovely woman wipes away her face, leaving him staring at a blank wall of flesh. Absolutely terrified, the fisherman begins running for his life. The late afternoon has now become night, and he runs towards the lights of the nearby village he passed earlier. While running towards the village, he finds the nearby villagers that gave him one of his warnings. He runs up to them and before even catching his breath he begins to frantically tell them of what he just saw. The villagers all begin to laugh at the fisherman’s description of the woman, then one of them looks at him and asks, “Oh, you mean something like this?” as all the villagers wipe away their face just like the woman did. The fisherman turns white with fear, and begins running away towards his home.

As he reaches his house he runs inside and slams the door in a panic. The wife, worried for her husband, walks towards him and asks, “What happened, my love?” The husband nearly has tears in his eyes as he embraces his wife and starts trying to explain what he has just encountered. He tells her about the woman, then the villagers, and how they horribly wiped away their face. The wife, now a little confused, looks into her husbands eyes. She starts to speak and asks, “Oh. You mean something like this?”


Oct, 15


So, I went camping with my family and girlfriend last Sunday. I’m sure you’re thinking “Big whoop, who cares people go camping all the time, what’s all the hullabaloo Codes, get on with your life and write about something interesting for once.” (Jesus calm down)



I know it may not seem like much but I haven’t been camping in a long time and it was a very satisfying experience. We stayed at Parchers Resort in Bishop, CA. I know it isn’t a tent but I would have gladly picked that over this rickety ass cabin. I shouldn’t complain because my parents paid for it and they even got this cabin separately for me and Camila (My girlfriend if you didn’t know). But I am going to complain because I am starting to notice I come off as somewhat of a “drama queen” in these posts and I might as well play the part I was given. FIRST OFF, it was cabin 19. CABIN 19. Tell me that isn’t a horror movie title.. Also turns out we were staying the last week before the campsite along with the whole mountain closed for winter. (The plot thickens) The only lock on the door was a janky little metal pin that slid into a thin piece of wood behind the door. If the wind blew hard enough it could fly off the hinges.

After the first night, not being able to sleep in the bed where I am sure others had perished in the wakes of a vindictive mountain man serial killer, I went outside and made friends with a squirrel who definitely put the rumors to rest that mountain squirrels aren’t vain.


Look at him



Loving it

Complaining aside, the mountains were beautiful, I have never seen color like this before being from southern California. (My iPhone photos don’t do justice)

leaves campblog2

We made our way around the various lakes up there and I swear the drive up to “North Lake” was the scariest thing I have ever done. The road turns into a single lane as it winds up and around a cliffside that looks like a rockslide waiting to happen at a 45 degree angle with nothing but death on the right side of my car, literally a 4,769,980 ft drop. I don’t have any photos to prove to you so take my word for it. (As over exaggerated as it may seem) Once we were up there we hung out in the creek and walked around chasing fish. Walking around in a natural water source was surprisingly a thrilling experience. (I don’t get out much) I don’t know how to explain it, it was just weird being in a creek that wasn’t man made, I’m lame I get it.

Here are more random photos

tree campblog3 campblog4 campblog5 campblog6 campblog7 campblog9 campblog10

Camila showing me up with her photography skill. (Whatever)


I wish I had more to write about but now that I am sitting in front of my computer writing this I am having trouble putting it all into words. It was great to get away from wifi and cell service for a few days, you begin to realize how useless computers and phones actually are when you don’t have access to one. Reluctant to say though I was happy to get back cell service so I could see what was happening in the world. I felt like I had been gone for weeks with all the hot shit I missed out on. It is disgusting what an addiction this iPhone is but I’m not gonna go off on that because I don’t know what I would do without it. (I run an online business though so I have an excuse)

Also heres a quick pic of a sample for our upcoming Fall capsule ;-) WHAT?????


- cody 新選組

Sep, 15


Is anyone still here? Hello? Is anyone out there? If you’re reading this, then I’m sure you have read Cody’s latest blog post, too. Which means you are all well aware of the new blog icons and the fact that we are finally putting more focus back into our blog. Which means that I don’t have to explain it to you. Wonderful.

Nonetheless, I feel like my latest personal posts have always been promising that I would come back with more frequent entries, which clearly didn’t happen (I’m a scumbag). Whatever, I’m here now and instead of giving you another empty promise, I’ll just work harder and hope that my actions speak for me. As Cody said, our posts are going to contain more of our personalities and our everyday lives rather than just small updates on the company. Unfortunately, that means I can’t have everyone else taking my blog photo’s for me.

I didn’t ask for this, I promise. But yes, I did actually take the time to add a vignette to it too.

Going back to me being a scumbag (which was actually the inspiration behind this post). I found myself these past few months with an absent mind. When you have your goals set, and you know where you’re trying to go in life, people will tell you that every decision you make should be setting yourself closer to achieving those goals. Which I agree with completely, however I couldn’t help but begin to notice how stagnant I started feeling, and it just really didn’t make sense to me. I knew what I want, and I knew that amount of work I had to put in if I wanted to achieve it. So why was I sitting on my phone, hating everyone’s twitter posts, instead of creating new ideas? Why would I convince myself that I didn’t have time to make a new blog post today, when I could have done it at 3AM rather than lay in bed and drown myself with poisoned thoughts?

I’ll tell you right now that the answer never “just hit me”. A bottle did. A bottle of Brandy to be exact. I found myself once again laying in my room, thinking of every depressing memory that I could remember. I thought about how my dad passed away over a year ago. How afterwards they sold the only home in my life that I never thought would change. I remembered every day my mother struggled working as a bartender, and every time we had to move she would give me the only bedroom while she slept on the couch. I remembered every meal she cooked for me, even if it was at 2AM after she came home from work. I remembered every abusive boyfriend she had to put up with, because to her a roof over my head was more important than a black eye or cracked skull. I remembered the kitchen knife I used to hide under my bed. I remembered that I decided I would never let my mother get hurt again.

After that I just sort of woke up. As in it was morning now, and we were leaving to go to the warehouse to work. To me it started as just another day, we worked towards our goals, I made decisions that lead me to reach them. What was different, however, was why. I want to succeed with City Approval, I want to be able to take back the only home I knew to be true, and I want to know that I don’t need a knife in order to protect my mother. You should never stop progressing towards what you want in life, but sometimes it’s good to go back to square one and remember just what you are working for in the first place.


Sep, 15


If you didn’t notice or you’re new here, we updated our blog Icons. We have been off the grid for the most part despite an update here and there from Vin. The blogs were becoming hard to run. Besides Vinny, Alex and I aren’t people who write often so it was hard for us to get into the pattern of doing it. We just decided to pretty much start from scratch. Besides the new Icons, we got a whole bunch of new subject matter/topics coming your way.

My blog has always been (Or at least what I was going for) my opinions and commentary on the industry and tips on running your own brand as well as interviews and updates on our collections. WELL now along with that my blog will consist more of my personal life. Not that it is worth documenting but hey there will be some insight and tips included throughout.


Well now that the introductions are out of the way. To hold true to the promise of my personal life, the picture above is me skateboarding the other day. I know what you’re thinking. “But Cody, why post a picture of you skating and not include any super cool tricks? I mean don’t get me wrong, from what it looks like your fit is on point, but didn’t you used to be like really great at skating? Possibly the best???” Aw how sweet, your grammar disgusts me. WELL I would include that yes, but I wasn’t skating for fun.. I was skating to Enterprise to rent a car because I had to be in Downtown within an hour and my car as of about a week ago decided to give up on me.

I experienced what they call “Complete transmission failure.” It’s not as cool as it sounds let me tell you. Especially when you’re going 70mph on the freeway and it occurs. So anyway yeah I am in between getting my car fixed and and making sure we stay on track with all the deadlines we have set in place. But now for the part you’ve all been waiting for, important updates for all of you involving the brand. (Please hold applause.)

1. We are restocking this Friday at 5pm pst along with a new color way in our “Dark Tournament” Tee and a standard script beanie, check the preview below.


2. If you absolutely loved our last two Book of Monsters capsules then you’re in luck because there is another on the way very soon. I can’t give any detail on that one just yet however so just stay in the loop on our Instagram and Twitter until then.

3. We will be releasing another Capsule sometime in October and have been lurking and listening through all your comments and prayers. All I can say is be prepared for some things you haven’t seen for a while. :)

That’s about it for now. Oh and also if you don’t follow me on Instagram and Twitter then you should by clicking here and here or going to @cdyaprvl and take advantage of my sweet deals on graphic design and screen printing I have to offer. (Okay enough of the self promotion.)

- cody 新選組

Aug, 15


holding back the night
with its increasing brilliance
the summer moon

– Yoshitoshi’s death poem

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892) was one of the last great masters of the Japanese woodblock print (Ukiyo-e). The length of his career spanned across two eras. The first being near the end of the Edo period (1603–1867) which is the era in which woodblock paintings were adopted into Japan, and lasting during the early years of the new modern Japan following the Meiji restoration. While Yoshitoshi was interested in learning about new things from the rest of the world, he began growing more concerned over the loss of traditional aspects in Japanese culture. This, of course, including traditional woodblock printing.

As time progressed along with the progression of a modern Japan, Yoshitoshi found himself trapped within the struggle of time and technology. Japan began taking in new western methods such as photography and lithography, While Tsukioka continued to create massive amounts of traditional woodblock paintings and prints, some say around 10,000 in total. Yoshitoshi did manage to bring traditional Japanese art to an entirely new level, almost rivaling against the new western technologies. Demand for his prints continued on for several years, though unfortunately the true style of Japanese woodblock prints are said to have died with him.

“Yoshitoshi’s courage, vision and force of character gave ukiyo-e another generation of life, and illuminated it with one last burst of glory.”
- John Stevenson towards Yoshitoshi’s, “One Hundred Aspects of the Moon“, 1992.


Aug, 15

Book of Monsters | Baku

Last Friday, we released our second “Book of Monsters” capsule, as well as another short to push the depth behind this installment’s yōkai – the voracious dream-devouring Baku.

The film was directed, edited, and scored by myself and was shot by Grant Duncan.  Resident Napper Karak illustrated the chapter, while Vinny wrote it. Shoutout Mark O’Fuji and @camilakilla for both of their incredible, breath-taking performances. Once again, we’re stoked to give you the final product and hope you enjoy it.

This isn’t the last time the Book of Monsters will appear… 

Don’t sleep. (Literally)

- Arex

Jul, 15



The only god of the seven that originates from Japan. The God of the Ocean, Honest Labor, and Good Fortune. With Candor as his virtue, the Final God of Luck comes bearing a very special gift for those deserving.

One free original Hanzō t-shirt.
(All orders placed today will be eligible to receive this reward. Two separate winners will be chosen for this prize. Day ends at 11:59PM PST.)

This is your last chance to enter our “Seven Gods of Fortune” contest and your last chance to win one of seven unique prizes.
We would like to thank everyone who participated in this event, it’s given us great ideas for plans in future collections.